Static Website are frequently HTML records put away as documents in the record framework and made accessible by the web server over HTTP (by and by URLs finishing with "" are not generally static). In any case, free translations of the term could incorporate website pages put away in a database, and could even incorporate pages organized utilizing a layout and served through an application server, as long as the page served is perpetual and exhibited basically as put away.

Static website pages are appropriate for the substance that never or infrequently should be refreshed, however present day static webpage generators are evolving. Keeping up expansive quantities of static pages as documents can be unreasonable without mechanized instruments, for example, Static webpage generators portrayed in Web format framework. Any personalization or intelligence needs to run customer side, which is limiting.

Focal points of a static website

  • Provide enhanced security over powerful sites
  • Improved execution for end clients contrasted with dynamic sites
  • Fewer or no conditions on frameworks, for example, databases or other application servers
  • It rushes to create.
  • It is less expensive to create.
  • It is less demanding to have.
  • It is perfect for little sites.
  • It is less demanding for web search tools to file.
  • It is quicker to exchange on moderate associations.


  • It might cost more for long run.
  • For any progressions you'll have to hold up until the point when your website specialist has room schedule-wise to roll out the improvements.
  • Limited tools
  • Website editors are not available